Keep trekking on!

Late last week I accidentally slammed my foot into the couch and I swore I broke a toe. It was all swollen, in a lot of pain, and it was turning purple. Wouldn’t that figure? Two weeks before I hike the AT I break my toe. I was freaking out for a couple days and knew that even if I actually did break my toe I would still be going on this trip. If you’ve read my blog before, you also know that I don’t have health insurance, and there is no way I’m paying the $10,000 they’d probably charge me for an x-ray out of pocket.

After a few days of not walking anywhere except to the bathroom and kitchen and splinting my toe to the neighboring one, I am just fine. It was just a bit of a scare. It still hurts a little bit, but not when I walk. It’s more when I’m just sitting around. It’s also purple where I busted the blood vessels, but that isn’t a big deal.

It’s super close now. Last week the graduate school finally gave the final oke-doke on paper and I am officially published. Now that my Masters degree is out of the way I have absolutely nothing to worry about except the AT. And the AT doesn’t worry me, therefore I don’t have much of anything to worry about in my life. I’m heading to Cleveland this Saturday to meet up with my girlfriend. Then after a week of sitting around doing nothing of note, when compared to hiking the AT, we will be off! Great stuff all around.

On a side note: I’ve had the day of our departure wrong by 1 day this entire time. If you read any of my other blogs where I say how many days I have until starting, just add 1 day.

This could very well be my last blog before I begin. I haven’t much to add except talking about my excitement. If it is, I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blog. I should be back blogging after my trip. I have no real urge to blog during the trip. That’s using far more technology than I want to when I’m on the trail. You can’t truly connect with nature if you’re constantly worried about what to write in a blog, how many views you’ve had, or what your friend wrote on your fb wall.

Good luck to everyone and remember to keep trekking on!

12 days til’ Katahdin! #SOBO #Maine2Georgia


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