You don’t need any money on the AT, right?

Sometimes I wish times were simpler where I could just go hike the trail with a collapsible fishing pole, a wool blanket, a water bottle, 50 bucks, and my dog and be just fine the entire time. Luckily I am making fairly decent money at my internship, but as we all know, once you take out taxes and all your bills it’s really not that much.

I’ve been challenged to make sure I have enough money when I start so that I can pay all my trail expenses as well as my back home, off the trail expenses. I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far. I am a frugal person by nature, so forcing myself to save has come pretty natural. It can be discouraging though at points. It feels like life just forces you to shell out a few hundred here and a few hundred there, and by the time the end of the month has come, you’ve barely been able to save.

I don’t know how out of the ordinary this is for a thru hiker (or maybe it’s really common, i don’t know) but I started a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for my off the trail expenses while hiking. Car payments, car insurance, cell phone bills, rent, health insurance, etc. I know most crowd funding goes to people with debilitating diseases or just had something terrible happen in their life, but some people have gotten a lot of money for really stupid things. There was that one guy who got all the money for making potato salad. So in an attempt to make some coin for this trip I figured I might as well try. If I make zero dollars it’s not like I will be in a worse position than now.

So go check it out. See what a Go Fund Me page with zero dollars looks like.

Thinking about it, it’s really depressing how difficult it is for people to make time in their life to take a trip like this. We live in a society of bills and little to no vacation time. If someone didn’t take vacation for 20 years at a large company they might then have enough vacation time to hike the AT. Society definitely punishes people for living their dreams, so a trip like this can be a huge gamble. When I get back will I be able to start paying my bills immediately before I can get a job lined up? I hope so. Business doesn’t really care what I’m doing, all they care is that they get the appropriate amount of money from me when they ask for it.

I already did a post about money so I won’t go on any longer. I just hope some bored millionaire stumbles upon my Go Fund Me page and feels generous. If not though, I will still be financially stable enough to hike the trail. There’s no chance I back out now, unless I break my leg or something.

80 days til Katahdin! #SOBO #Maine2Georgia

“Congress is always willing to appropriate money for more and bigger paved roads, anywhere — particularly if they form loops.” ~ Edward Abbey


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